Friday, 15 February 2008

A little background

I met J's dad while on a missions trip in Southeast Asia. He became a very good friend to everyone on the team. He was a valuable resource, teaching us very honestly about the culture and laughing at us when we tried to speak the language.

This was 8 years ago (OH, MY!). J is now 6 years old. You don't know her, but you have cared for her. Her parents were concerned that she might not be able to recieve an education that would lead to a decent job after graduation.

The public schools are very overcrowded and even upon graduation most kids cannot get jobs that pay livable wages. The only hope is a private education, though it is out of reach for the 'average Joe.' The expense is just too much for someone in a country where the average monthly wage will not even fill our tanks with gas.

J's dad approached me and asked if there was anyone I might know that would consider sponsoring J for her education. They were not considered for sponsorship by Compassion International because they were not 'destitute' enough, but they really wanted better for their child.

When sponsoring a child through a place like Compassion, your child will only see about 20% of the money you send in. The other 80% will go to administration fees, publicity, etc. Ever since my trip, when I saw the squalour that so many live in, I wanted to somehow give money to someone, knowing that they recieved ALL of the money I was giving. Well, I still have to pay transfer fees, but that is negligable considering how much more is able to be put to good use.

Please consider giving just $20. I told J's dad that Josh and I would not be able to cover as much as we usually do because of our difficulty finding jobs. That is why I wanted to set up this blog. Please share it with anyone else whom you think may be interested.

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