Friday, 15 February 2008

A note from daddy

Here is the most recent message I have gotten from J's dad.

"J_ is doing great. Though some concerns from her teacher arises. She's becoming more playful on her 3rd quarter. The reason for this is because one of her classmates, also a girl, likes her so much, that she always want to get her attention and play while classis ongoing. So, I personally talk to her and plead with her to concentrate while in class and informing her that there are times for playing. And thank God she understand what I'm saying. And just these weeks, she's back and hoping this will continue.
End of class is coming so fast here. Next week they will have field trip in school. And after that, I believe is their finals. Class will end next month second week. This mean i have to work again to look for a new school for her. She will be Grade 1 next school year. Finally, she will experience the big school. And hopefully, she will be bringing with her the same enthusiasm she has right now."
AW! Kids are just the same, all over the world. :)

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