Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It's coming!

It is 7:44 here now. Outside you can already feel the humidity even though it is too early. That means its a struggle again of mine because for sure we will have a hot day. How I wish I live in a mall so that it is really cool inside.

It is already June 5th here. And five days from now will be the start of class. Me and [my wife] are preparing everything that J needed for her school. We already went to ther mall last Saturday to buy her a new bag (big one with wheels as requirements of school), school supplies, new shoes (because the previous is already small for her...I'm amazed!) and other things more.

We have also started to review her so that she will be able to remember some of the lessons she had previously. That means everything are set for June 10, 2008. Now Janelle is with us. We are enjoying our time with her so that by the time the school starts at least she was able to enjoy her summer vacation.

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