Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Here is an email I received from J's mom:

Magandang Gabi! Good Evening :o

Hope your doin fine, also your family & friends. Just want to update you about [J] enrollment. We enrolled her last week at [TCS]. We choose their installment plan, they made us pay the miscellaneous and then divide the remaining amount to be paid on succeeding months. The books, uniform(exclusive at school), Physical Education uniform, they've asked us to pay in cash. Next week we will buy [J] basic stuff in school like bag's (she needs a bigger bag, preferred by teacher is a troley because she will be having 8 subjects in a day and it is required to bring all the books everyday including the notebooks), shoes (she's growing very fast-her old shoes doesn't fit her anymore), notebooks, pencil, crayons and a lot more.

The money that you've send help us, because honestly with our budget we can't bring her in a private school. God really has His ways of blessing us...[J] most especially, by simply making ourdreams/prayer come through, by using people like you too. thank you.

Crisis is all over the world... here in thePhilippines, the food and most basic needs,transportation cost rise but the salary of the people remains the same. It's hard. But we believe that by God's grace we would be able to survive.

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